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RenovEX Facilities Management tries its best to fill the gap between connecting the aim of the service provider and clients.
About Our Company

Our goals, our motivators.

Our Mission & Vision

We at RenovEX plan on delivery results that put forth customer needs and satisfaction. We plan the future by forecasting and estimating the company’s goals and achieving it within the future period. We capture the essence of writing where we want to take our client’s business. This in turn will motivate and encourage our employees to do better and reach our company’s goals.


We provide results to customers and clients by catering to their needs and want to develop their products by using our services which give them a beneficial outcome. We also tend to capture new opportunities where we can capitalize on the right solution. We measure our success with the goals we’ve established to achieve for a particular period.

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It all started as a small idea, Made into reality

No idea is small or big! Our relentless efforts and our satisfied customers have made us what we are today.

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We all love our comfort and stress-free lives. Renovex is your solution for hustle-free services at your doorstep.

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