We also provide a range of facilities both in hard and soft facilities management and also manage the security of the clients through the real-time performance of management systems.
One-Stop Facility Management Destination

RenovEX at your service

Hard Services

Fire Fighting and Fire prevention systems

We provide up-to-the-mark Fire prevention systems, the latest and State of the art fire prevention systems.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Maintenance

We provide housekeeping services like electrical, mechanical, and plumbing maintenance services.

Air conditioning Systems

We provide services in the installation and maintenance of air conditioners at the industrial level

Building Fabric

We include every aspect of services in maintenance, modification, and beautification.

Renovations and Decorations

We provide services in renovations, decorations, building and site surveys

Building management systems

We provide all services required in a building-Housing/Workspace

Electrical installations

Get easy and effortless door to door electrical system high, medium and low Voltage systems installation

Plumbing and Water Treatment Plants

We include all the services required in the supply and management of water.


We provide services in sanitation and cleanliness of the society

Soft Services

Interior and Exterior Painting Works

We provide services in painting in interior and exterior.

Refurbishment and Maintenance Services

We include all services in the interior development of the house including refurbishment and maintenance

Move in/out cleaning

We include services in smooth and deep cleaning of your house or workspace.

Façade Cleaning Services

We provide services in the cleaning of building outdoors.

Water tank cleaning and Disinfection services

We provide services in cleaning and disinfection of water tanks.

Swimming pool cleaning

We provide services in cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools.

AC Duct Cleaning

We provide services in regular maintenance and cleaning of AC ducts.

Pest Control Landscaping

We provide services in the prevention and removal of pests.

Waste Management

We also include services in the waste pickup and dumping.

Safety and Security

We provide services in social protection and safety.

We Help You

With integrated facilities management

We believe that our success is built on our proven track record of excellence, trust, and reliability at apt costs. Our continuous focus has been to drive the maximum benefits of integrated facilities management to our clients. 

Our Corporate Culture

We provide the right form of outcome in the operational conduct. We strive to produce the right quality which benefits the client and their business.


Our management believes in becoming the number one UAE company that benefits the customer and prioritizes their needs.

Employee Empowerment

We aim for holistic development of all and exposure to our employees to help them prosper.

Work-life Balance

We maintain the work-life balance of our employees and maintain the work hours schedules.


We pledge in building a productive work environment that benefits the employees and work adherently and provides timely-results.


We promote growth and envision the company cutler by bearing a badge.

Customer Satisfaction

We support services that create a Quality and satisfying consumer experience.